I’m getting old, and the older I get the more annoyed I get with the people around me who are filling the internet with psuedoscience and other forms of total bullshit. The biggest problem to me is, people don’t look critically at what they are tacitly agreeing with by posting, linking, reblogging.  This has irritated me enough to start this blog.

What I really hope is that my family and friends who post this stuff start to deconstruct what they want to post before they post it, maybe even be able to present a logical argument as to why they feel the way they do about things. There’s so much fast sloppy thinking (I am guilty too!) out there and I hope to slow it down and polish it up a little.

I class myself as a generalist, I have no expertise in ANYTHING, but I try to think about things logically – whether it’s things that I agree or disagree with, I apply the same “template” to what I see and determine the “weight” of its credence. I also try hard to fight my inbuilt biases by employing the “opinion from nowhere”

At the very least it will get it off my chest!


10 May 2015